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News Briefs: Personality Traits; Bad Dreams; Parkinson’s Disease Tremors

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Personality Traits Affect Spending Habits in Retirement In a study of more than 3,600 people older than age 50 (average age 70), researchers identified certain personality traits associated with spending patterns. Participants were scored on what psychologists call “the big five” personality traits, which include openness to experience, conscientiousness, extroversion, … Read More


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For general information about sleep and sleep disorders, contact the following organizations: American Sleep Apnea Association 888-293-3650 641 S St. NW, 3rd Floor Washington, DC 20001-5196 Better Sleep Council (A trade association of the mattress industry) Hypersomnia Foundation 678-842-3512 4514 Chamblee Dunwoody Rd., #229 Atlanta, … Read More


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ablation: Destruction of body tissue, such as excess throat tissue, that is causing obstructive sleep apnea, usually with heat, cold, or sound waves. acute pain: Pain resulting from a single incident, such as surgery, a sprain, or an accident. Acute pain may interfere with sleep while the pain is felt. … Read More

8. Strategies for Restful, Healthy Sleep

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"Sleep hygiene” is what sleep specialists call the pattern of good habits that promote healthy sleep. A solid sleep hygiene routine means a consistent sleep schedule. Be sure to keep regular hours, even on weekends and vacations. Go to bed at the same time every night and awaken at the … Read More

7. Sleep Stealers

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Events in our everyday lives can disrupt our sleep. Common “sleep thieves” include traveling across time zones, environmental factors, chronic pain, illnesses, and medications. Even retirement can rob of us of restful sleep. For people who lose sleep due to these factors a few simple steps can restore restful sleep. … Read More

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