Testing and Treating Sleep Apnea

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A growing body of research shows that the amount and quality of your sleep can play a major role in your health. Evidence from many clinical trials has linked obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), one of the most common sleep disorders, with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, hypertension, stroke, and … Read More

Editor’s Note: To Sleep, Perchance to Dream

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Good sleep is absolutely essential for good health. We used to think of sleep as a passive activity, but it’s not. Sleep allows our brain to recharge, and is essential for metabolism, mood, and memory. REM sleep, where dreams occur, is the most restorative portion of the cycle. Many studies have … Read More

Soften Into Better Sleep

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It’s generally agreed that sleep medications are meant to be short-term solutions. Sleep experts recommend several environmental strategies to make your bedroom more conducive for slumber: Keep it dark, quiet, and cool (68 degrees is the commonly suggested temperature). It’s also advised that electronic devices be kept out of the … Read More

A New View of Insomnia

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Anyone who has struggled with insomnia knows there are different ways to experience sleeplessness. It may be hard to fall asleep or hard to stay asleep. You may go to bed too late or wake too early. But research published in January in Lancet Psychiatry has found that there’s a … Read More

Achieving Better Sleep

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Good sleep is essential to good health. Unfortunately, falling and staying asleep become more difficult with age. “Sleep is more easily disrupted and less refreshing as we get older,” says Paul Macey, PhD, UCLA Brain Research Institute. “People tend to underestimate how simple things can make a big difference, such as … Read More

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