6. Be Active, Feel Better

· · Pain
Exercise improves our mood, boosts brain power, lowers cholesterol, and keeps our hearts pumping healthily. Being active can reduce stress, fight diseases, and increase our lifespan. Regular physical activity even can decrease (and possibly prevent) chronic pain. Not bad for something we can do anytime, anywhere. The Department of Health … Read More

5. Gaining Control

· · Pain
When it comes to managing your chronic pain, take a close look at your lifestyle. Diet, weight, and inflammation (three modifiable factors) are to blame for much of our chronic discomfort. Certain foods (sugar, processed meat, fried foods, and refined carbs) increase inflammation. Being overweight can have the same effect … Read More

4. Alternative and Natural Treatments

· · Pain
Often, traditional pain treatments like medications or surgery are ineffective. Some don’t touch the pain while others cause frustrating side effects. Fortunately, many alternative therapies offer viable options for treating your chronic pain. That’s why over half of Americans over 50 turn to these non-mainstream practices for help. As for … Read More

3. Common Medical Treatments

· · Pain
Since pain is subjective and varies between individuals, it can be tough to pinpoint a perfect treatment. It’s realistic to expect some trial and error as there’s no “one-size-fits-all” solution to pain management. In this chapter, we’ll discuss common treatments. Heat Heating pads and cold packs are the most traditional … Read More

2. The Origins of Pain

· · Pain
A whopping 50 million American adults suffer from chronic or severe pain. According to data from the 2012 National Health Interview Survey, 25 million of these cases are chronic. Chronic pain may be caused by an injury that begins, of course, as acute pain, but then is either so severe … Read More

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