High Risk of Low-Dose Aspirin

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For people who have had a heart -attack or stroke, taking daily low-dose -aspirin is an inexpensive, widely available, and highly effective way to reduce the risk of another event. Aspirin suppresses the blood clotting that causes heart attacks and ischemic strokes. For healthy people with no cardiovascular or cerebrovascular … Read More

Put a Halt to the Cycle of UTIs and Yeast Infections

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Many women are familiar with the vicious cycle that can result from getting a urinary tract infection (UTI)—the infection is treated with antibiotics, but then a vaginal yeast infection develops. Once you understand why this cycle occurs and what you can do to prevent the infections, you can break the … Read More

Gout: A Type of Arthritis That is Linked With Heart Disease

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When you picture someone with gout, you may think of an older, overweight man who likes his burgers and Budwieser—and that wouldn’t be inaccurate. Being male and eating a diet that’s high in red meat, seafood, and alcohol—particularly beer—are common risk factors for gout. But gout also can be a … Read More

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