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Protect and Strengthen Your Psoas Muscle

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The psoas muscle is the largest and strongest muscle in your “hip flexor” group. Hip flexors pull your thigh and torso together and move them apart. They also faciliate lateral flexion of the lumbar spine—the ability for your body to bend to the right or left side. “The psoas muscles originate … Read More

Memory Maximizers: Exercise’s Effect on Memory Neural Networks; Taking Breaks for Learning New Skills

· · Mobility & Fitness

Exercise Triggers Memory Neural Networks

While a consistent routine of exercise year after year is recommended for optimal brain and body health, researchers recently found that even one exercise session can activate the brain circuits involved with memory, including those in the hippocampus—the part of the brain that tends to shrink … Read More

The Best Exercise to Prevent Falls

· · Mobility & Fitness
In youth, falling is embarrassing, but in older age, it can be downright dangerous, leading to injuries, broken bones, and even institutionalization. Recurring falls are one of the top reasons that seniors are placed in nursing homes. While exercise, in general, is an excellent way to improve stability and balance, … Read More

Strength Training for Brain Health

· · Mobility & Fitness
Aerobic exercise may be the kind of workout most closely associated with brain health benefits. Think about the circulation boost you get from a brisk walk or game of tennis. But strength training with weights, machines, resistance bands or your own body weight (think push-ups) also may help improve cognition. It … Read More

Resistance Exercise Fights Depression

· · Mobility & Fitness
While we already know that exercise can help fight depression, a new meta-analysis has shown that the benefits aren’t limited to aerobic activity. Researchers at the University of Limerick in Ireland reported in JAMA Psychiatry that resistance training, such as lifting weights, using resistance bands, or doing calisthenics, can significantly … Read More

Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans: Move More!

· · Mobility & Fitness
In 2008, the Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion developed the first set of physical activity guidelines ever for the American public. These guidelines are the authoritative voice for how physical activity can help promote health and decrease a person’s risk of disease. But most Americans had difficulty following … Read More

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