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Go Outside and Play

If the idea of going to a gym or other indoor fitness center is less than appealing, consider the outdoors as your gym and activities from cycling to kite-flying as exercise options. Doing so just might spur you into action and catapult you into a whole new world and body. … Read More


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Physical activity is integral to good health. High-intensity interval training, or HIIT, is more time-efficient than traditional workouts, and research has shown it has many health benefits, including improving fitness, cardiovascular health, and insulin function, and helping with weight loss. What is HIIT? HIIT involves performing short, vigorous bursts of … Read More

What, Exactly, is BMI?

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Body Mass Index (BMI) is a measure of body weight adjusted for height. It is considered a better indicator of excess weight than body weight alone and is used to categorize individuals as “underweight,” “normal weight,” “overweight,” or “obese.” What does it really tell us, and how accurate is it? … Read More

Telemedicine Is a Powerful Tool

The restrictions on face-to-face contact due to the coronavirus have prompted many changes in the way we deliver health care.Telemedicine—the practice of evaluating and treating patients remotely, most often via computer—has allowed physicians to provide services to their patients who would go without care otherwise. Telemedicine is not new—it’s been … Read More

Exercise Is Essential for Heart Health

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Regular physical activity is a cornerstone of good health; it can build muscle, strengthen bones, help maintain a healthy weight, decrease fall and injury risks, and improve flexibility and balance. But what activities are the most helpful for your heart? “Aerobic exercise is the most beneficial for the cardiovascular system; it … Read More

Include Exercise in Your Schedule

Many of my patients ask me what type of exercise is most beneficial and how much exercise they need. The most important part of exercise is getting into a regular schedule so that it becomes part of your weekly routine. I advise mixing cardiovascular exercise (commonly called “aerobic” exercise) with … Read More

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