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Ask the Doctor: July 2022

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Q. I sometimes find myself asking the same question more than once in a conversation. My son thinks it may be a sign of cognitive decline, but I think I repeat questions to make sure I understand the answer. I know that I’m repeating the question. Is my son correct? … Read More

News about Nootropics

[caption id="attachment_141522" align="alignleft" width="300"] © Sean Gladwell | Getty ImagesNootropics are associated with cognitive benefit.[/caption] If you aren’t familiar with the term nootropic, you can expect to hear it more in the coming years. Nootropics are substances that exert a beneficial effect on a person’s brain function, specifically in healthy … Read More

Is it Dementia, or Aging?

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When are lapses in memory a cause for concern, and when are they simply a frustrating inconvenience? If you have noticed changes in the cognitive abilities of yourself or someone you know, getting a proper diagnosis is important. What is Dementia? Dementia refers to a decline in a person’s memory … Read More

Early-Onset Dementia: Same Symptoms at a Younger Age

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Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is the most common type of dementia that affects people age 65 and older, but it’s also possible to develop dementia in your younger years. Dementia that occurs prior to age 65 is referred to as early-onset dementia; symptoms may begin showing up in a person’s 50s, … Read More

Newsbriefs: Maintaining a stable weight; boost cardiovascular health; monitoring blood pressure; repeat hernia surgery

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Maintaining a Stable Weight May Benefit Your Brain Mount Sinai researchers have found that greater increases, decreases, or variability in body mass index (BMI) over time are associated with an accelerated rate of cognitive decline, irrespective of whether a person was originally normal weight, overweight, or obese. The findings, published … Read More

Improvements in Air Quality May Protect Cognition

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Several previous studies have linked air pollution with the accumulation of an abnormal brain protein that is a hallmark of Alzheimer’s disease. New research is providing evidence that strengthens the link, and also is suggesting that improvements in air quality may reduce the risk of developing dementia. Slower Decline For … Read More

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