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Early Signs of Alzheimer’s Disease Include Memory, Language Difficulties

Many people fear that everyday acts of forgetfulness, such as not remembering where you put your car keys, are early signs of Alzheimer’s disease. Although forgetfulness can be an early warning sign, the memory loss of Alzheimer’s disease is more serious than normal age-related memory difficulties. Misplacing your keys only … Read More

5 Blood Pressure Risk Factors You Can Modify

Often, high blood pressure is a byproduct of an unhealthy lifestyle or other modifiable factors. Here are five blood pressure risk factors that you can modify with some guidance from your doctor.

An Unhealthy, High-Sodium Diet

You’re probably aware that sodium is the dietary devil when it comes to high blood pressure. … Read More

Top 11 Selenium Foods: Boost Your Intake of This Essential Nutrient

It’s important to make sure your diet contains sufficient amounts of the selenium, an important trace element that is necessary for healthy brain, immune system, thyroid, reproductive, and lung function. Make sure these selenium foods play a starring role in your regular diet.

11 Foods High in Selenium

Yoga for Sleep Improvement

Exercise can be useful for normalizing sleep patterns. Exercise not only burns calories and body fat, it also helps to reduce stress and raises body temperature, potentially promoting deep sleep at night. Engaging in yoga for sleep improvement, in particular, has even more benefits on your overall health. An analysis of … Read More
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