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Diane Muhlfeld

Editor/writer Diane Muhlfeld joined Belvoir Media Group in 1996. Since 2002, she has focused on the company's growing health publishing division, which comprises 11 institution-affiliated newsletters and 24 annual Special Reports on various medical conditions and disorders, an exercise series, and numerous nutrition-oriented topics. Prior to her health publishing work, Muhlfed was involved in multiple Belvoir titles in other areas, including boating, aviation, antiques, and animal divisions. Muhlfeld first got into publishing after graduating from college, when she worked as an assistant editor at American Aviation Publications in Washington, DC, eventually covering the House and Senate for aviation legislation. After moving to the New York area, Muhlfeld spent six years as an editor for Yacht Racing Magazine, covering a variety of sailboat racing topics and personalities. She later worked for Greenwich Magazine in Greenwich, Conn., as a columnist and restaurant reviewer for the magazine’s "What’s New" monthly column and as a news-feature writer.

Articles by Diane Muhlfeld

Senior Fitness: Choosing the Right Program

The key to senior fitness is to find an exercise program that works for you, one that takes into consideration your age, health status, physical condition, personality, fitness goals, and living circumstances. Finding choices shouldn’t be a problem. A wide variety of fitness programs can be done at home or … Read More

Core Exercises for Seniors

Within our body’s muscular system, we define the core as those muscles of the hips, pelvis, abdomen, and trunk. Beyond simply allowing or supporting certain movements, the core is necessary for flexibility, strength, and injury prevention. Flexibility is the ability to move joints through a range of motion. Weak or … Read More

“Motability”: What It Means, How It Helps

Motability—a hybrid of motor and mobility—is both a term and an entity largely unknown in the U.S., most likely due to our ease of access to automobiles and lack of reliance on public transport. But in the United Kingdom, the land of the publicly funded National Health Service), the term … Read More
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