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Daniel Pendick

Daniel Pendick is former Managing Editor of Tufts Health & Nutrition Letter. He also has served as Executive Editor for Harvard Men’s Health Watch and has contributed to a variety of Belvoir Media Group's special health reports and other publications. Pendick also teaches English as a Second Language at Prince George’s Community College in Maryland.

In previous positions, Pendick co-founded Rutgers Memory Loss & the Brain, served as science writer and blogger for NASA, and worked as Associate Editor at Astronomy Magazine. He was a Knight Science Journalism Fellow at MIT in 1998-99.

Articles by Daniel Pendick

Alcohol Abuse: When Drinking Becomes a Problem

Full-blown alcohol addiction, commonly known as alcoholism, doesn’t happen all at once. Typically, alcohol abuse—a pattern of harmful drinking—begins the process. Abuse then progresses to dependency and addiction. The danger signs are well understood: They can provide a chance at early intervention, although problem drinkers face many challenges in overcoming … Read More

Organic vs. Non-Organic Foods: What’s the Difference?

In examining the question of organic vs. non-organic foods, let's start with the key word here: “organic.” Technically speaking, organic means that something comes from living (or formerly living) matter. That includes you and me, the birds and the bees, your morning cup of coffee or tea, and anything that … Read More

The Kombucha Craze: Health Benefits of a Popular Brew

Kombucha is a sweet, slightly bubbly, mildly acidic fermented tea reminiscent of sparkling cider. The ancient medicinal brew is one of the fastest-growing products in the "functional beverage" market, touting a rich mix of beneficial microorganisms and antioxidants. Proponents tout kombucha’s benefits for aiding in digestion, fighting harmful bacteria, reducing inflammation, … Read More
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