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Chandra Johnson-Greene

Chandra serves as Associate Audience Development Editor at Belvoir Media Group. Prior to joining the company in 2016, Chandra held various writing, editing, PR and social media roles at HooplaHa-Only Good News, Patch, Red 7 Media, and PR Newswire. In addition to launching the Stamford Patch Web site in 2010, Chandra created her own news site for the "City that Works" in 2014. Stamford Buzz covered various topics, including education, entertainment, business and current events in the downtown and Harbor Point neighborhoods. Outside of the city's borders, Chandra covered breaking news and metro stories all over southern Fairfield County during her time with Patch. She received the company's "Mission and Values" award while serving as an associate regional editor for her role in covering the Sandy Hook tragedy in 2012. Chandra graduated from Virginia Union University in 2001 with a Bachelor's degree in English, an Associate's degree in Journalism, and a minor in Music. She received her Master's Degree in Magazine, Newspaper, and Online Journalism from Syracuse University the following year. Chandra lives in Norwalk, CT with her husband and two daughters.

Articles by Chandra Johnson-Greene

Gout Foods: Keep These 6 Items in Your Diet

If you're suffering from the pain and discomfort of gout, foods containing high levels of purine—among them organ meats and certain seafood—should be avoided. But what about foods that are safe to eat and might even help improve your condition? Gout is caused by the buildup of uric acid crystals … Read More

Is Pizza Healthy?

The nutritional value of some of your favorite foods—like french fries, soda, and chips, for example—puts them into the category of junk foods to avoid. They’re filled with too much fat, salt, and/or sugar to be part of a healthy diet. Other foods, however, can straddle the line. If your … Read More
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