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Staying Fit Should Be Fun!

Variety in physical activity decreases boredom and increases motivation, because each activity is a new challenge. Variety may also help reduce the risk of injury. Exercise becomes more balanced, and you are not always exercising the same muscles the same way.
To steer you toward different options,


10. Beverages with Benefits

Foods aren’t the only way to get important nutrients as you age—certain beverages also can contribute beneficial nutrients. You can think of these beverages as a form of “liquid plants,” since they are derived from plants and retain many of their sources’ healthy nutrients, especially the phytonutrients. The most convincing


9. The Facts on Fats

If you’re like most Americans, according to a Gallup survey, one of your goals for a healthy diet is to limit consumption of all fats. That’s no longer scientifically sound advice, although you can hardly be blamed for this way of thinking. After all, for years, we were told to


8. Expand Your Protein Options

Despite what you might hear from food companies, most Americans get plenty of protein. The picture may be somewhat different for older individuals, however. An emerging scientific consensus says some older adults could benefit from increasing their protein intake beyond the current dietary recommendations. Evidence also is mounting that the


7. Smart Choices in the Dairy Case

Not so long ago—probably when you were growing up—everyone drank milk. Recent years, however, have seen a sharp decline in the popularity of milk as a meal-time beverage. Non-dairy beverages made from soy, rice, almonds, coconuts, and cashews have gained market share. At the same time, the popularity of yogurt,


6. Fiber-Rich Grains Aid Healthy Aging

A component found in many plant foods that has been linked with being disease- and disability-free in older age might surprise you: It’s dietary fiber. Researchers who followed some 1,600 initially healthy people, ages 49 and older, for 10 years reported that those with the highest intake of fiber had


5. Fabulous Fruits

Because fruits taste so good, some people think they can’t possibly be as good for you as vegetables. People with type 2 diabetes, in particular, often believe they should avoid fruit because of its high content of naturally occurring sugar. The American Diabetes Association, however, advises: “Fruits are loaded with


Ask the Doctor: Fish Oil Supplements; Getting Enough Calcium

Q: I don’t eat fish. Should I be taking a fish oil supplement?

A: Fish is rich in omega-3s—polyunsaturated (or “good”) fats. If you don’t eat fish, then it’s important to get your omega-3s elsewhere.

The three omega-3s are: docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and alpha-linolenic acid (ALA). DHA and EPA