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Nourishing Your Microbiota

Microbes—bacteria and other tiny critters not visible to the naked eye but numbering in the trillions—are busy in your body. Many of these microbes benefit you. Others have the potential to cause harm. This community of microbes is called the microbiota. Their genes are called the microbiome.
“In recent years, we’ve

6. Shape Up Your Plate

What You Eat and When
Choosing what to eat is an important part of your day. The choices you make day in and day out comprise your eating pattern, and studies show that eating patterns can have a significant impact on health. If you’re accustomed to eating most of your meals

3. Fueling Activity

Nutrition Gives You an Edge
Healthy eating habits can help keep you energized and ready to be active. What, when, and how much you eat can greatly affect your ability to perform different physical activities, not to mention your ability to maintain good health. The composition of your meals and snacks,

Heart Benefit Seen From Compound in Tea, Cocoa, Apples

A study of older Dutch men provides new insight into why tea and cocoa protect against heart disease, showing for the first time that a compound called epicatechin is associated with reduced mortality from cardiovascular disease. The 25-year study followed nearly 800 men, all initially over age 65. Higher levels

Dive into Sea Vegetables for Health

Seaweed, algae, sea vegetables—no matter what you call them, these plants from the sea have been a delicious, nutritious part of our diet for centuries. Grown in the mineral-dense environment of the sea, they are packed with nutrients such as iodine, iron, zinc, magnesium, manganese, potassium, calcium, and phytochemicals. There

Elimination Diets Root Out Food Intolerances

Elimination diets are all the rage, as more people look to hidden food intolerances as the source of their ill health. Could your food choices make you sick, tired, moody, constipated, or achy? Could they give you headaches, a rash or make it hard for you to concentrate? Many people

High-Quality Carbs Can Help With Weight and Blood Glucose Control

If you’re confused about carbohydrates, it’s not surprising; carbs have been portrayed as dietary villians that pack on belly fat and send blood glucose levels soaring. It is true that eating a lot of highly processed, high-carb foods can contribute to weight gain and high blood glucose levels. However, not

Ask the EN Experts: Safety of Carbonated Water; Moringa Health Bonus

Q: Does carbonation in beverages have any health risks?

A: The tingle on your tongue and the slight “bite” you feel when sipping a carbonated beverage is not only fun, it can enhance the perception of flavor (because bubbles lift aromatic molecules to the nose). This bubbly taste from carbonation is

Waste Not… The Best Food (Waste) Advice You’ll Find

Most people assume landfills are stuffed mostly with plastic packaging, spent furniture, and garage sale leftovers, but what’s really causing them to burst at the seams are items that could have made up a nutritious salad. Every day, a staggering amount of food is wasted in America at the farm,

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