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2. Essential Exercise

What’s Your Exercise Story?
Individuals come to exercise programs with different histories of physical activity. Maybe you played a team sport in high school and intramural athletics in college, but gradually became less active with the demands of work and family. Perhaps you’ve always preferred solitary activities, such as hiking on

Help Your Doctor Decide Which Diabetes Medication is Best For You

If you watch television, you probably notice frequent ads for diabetes medications—but, if you have diabetes, how do you know if those medications would work better for you than what you are currently taking? The answer: Discuss all of the medication options with your doctor, who can explain the risks

Aerobic Exercise Boots Your Cardiovascular Fitness

Exercise is one of the cornerstones of good health, and the fitness industry provides a constantly increasing number of activities from which you can choose. While you may not hear the term “aerobic exercise” as often as you once did, this type of activity remains the key to a healthy

Whole Grains, Defined

Since 2000, whole-grain (WG) intake has been included among the recommendations in the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. In the 2005 and 2010 Guidelines the message states, “Eat at least 3 (one)-ounce-equivalents of whole grain daily, and at least half of all grains consumed should be whole grain.” Studies show that,

Add These Lesser-Known Legumes to Your Healthy Pantry

New Year’s brings a brief boost in popularity for black-eyed peas, the key ingredient in the traditional Southern celebratory dish of Hoppin’ John. But if you’re looking for a nutritional bargain, black-eyed peas (aka cowpeas) should be a year-round staple in your pantry.
So should another lesser-known legume, garbanzo beans (aka

Q&A: Grilling and Cancer Risk; Grains and Seeds; Counting Carbs

Q. Is it safest to avoid grilling foods because of increased risk of colon cancer?
A. Joel B. Mason, MD, Tufts professor of medicine and nutrition, answers, “Although the existing evidence falls short of being ‘proof positive,’ scientific studies continue to be published on a regular basis that suggest that regular

Dietary Relief for Aching Joints

Whether your knees ache when you climb stairs or it hurts to bend down to tie your shoes, arthritis can be a real pain. There is no easy fix for osteoarthritis, the most common type of arthritis and the focus of this article. In this condition, cartilage (the covering on

Black-Eyed Peas, Please!

The folklore. Black-eyed peas practically define soul food, tantalizing Southern taste buds for more than a century in dishes like slow-cooked Hoppin’ John and, partnered with collard or mustard greens, a New Year’s Day tradition thought to bring good luck. Resembling an eye, these cream-colored legumes with the prominent black

Top 10 Diet Trends of 2014

America’s interest in healthy eating is soaring, driving 64 percent of our daily food choices, according to the 2013 Food & Health Survey commissioned by the International Food Information Council (IFIC). And it’s easy to see the proof as you walk through the supermarket aisle—the demand for healthy food is

Angina Attack Symptoms: What They Mean

Angina Attack Symptoms: What They Mean

You’re climbing a flight of stairs and suddenly you feel pressure in your chest. It might feel a little like heartburn, but you know it’s more serious. What causes chest pain like that? Are you having a heart attack? Or is it an angina attack, your first indication that you

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