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Recognizing the Types of Depression

Depression—a mood disorder that affects an estimated one in 10 Americans at some point in their lives—is a complex mental health condition that comes in a variety of forms, each with distinct characteristics.

“The concept of ‘depression’ is actually a broad category that includes multiple diagnoses,” explains Andrew A. Nierenberg, MD,

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7. Living with Depression and Providing Support to Others

Depression can quickly turn into a self-perpetuating cycle. You feel awful, so you refuse to do anything you once thought was fun. You stay home and never invite anyone over. Your inactivity and isolation in turn feed your depression. The key to overcoming depression is to break that cycle.
In this

5. Treatments for Depression

Just over half of adult Americans suffering from depression receive what is considered to be “minimally adequate treatment” in any given 12-month period, according to the National Institute of Mental Health. That means almost half of all depressed people in the U.S. are not receiving the care they need, even

2. Types of Depression

Depression is a complex condition that comes in many forms. In order to help tease apart the different ways depression can manifest and help clinicians choose the right treatments, the condition is classified into several different types. The two main types are known as major depressive disorder (also called clinical

From the Editor

Depression is one of the most common disorders of the human condition. It is a mental illness that lowers your mood and takes away the experience of interest and joy. It is usually accompanied by a number of other mental and physical symptoms that are described later in this report.

How to Deal with Depression

How to Deal with Depression

Millions of people learn how to deal with depression in effective ways. You can, too. Among the options: various depression medications that work to correct chemical imbalances.
Depression Medication Types
Many different types of medications can be used to treat depression. The prescription drugs that are most often used to treat depression

What Causes Depression?

What Causes Depression?

“What causes depression?” is a question many of us have asked. Responses are all over the map, but it’s fair to say that depression is a disease. Research supports this by demonstrating key differences in the brains of those who are depressed and those who are not.
The Effects of Brain

Newsbriefs: Memory; Brain Aging; Loneliness

Strong Memory Aids Recovery from Negative Event
A recent study at the University of Massachusetts/Amherst shows that episodic memory—recalling past experiences relating to a specific time and place—can aid the return to a normal state of emotion after a negative event. Researchers used film clips and still photographs to evoke emotional

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