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8. Understanding Fats

Complex Chemistry
Making smart choices about fats and oils is not as simple as proponents of this product or that fad diet would have you believe. Common vegetable oils, as well as animal fats, such as butter, lard, and the fats in meat and dairy, contain a mix of different types

7. Rethinking Protein Needs

You Might Need More
Most Americans get plenty of protein, despite the marketing hype suggesting otherwise, but an emerging scientific consensus says older adults may need even more. Evidence also is mounting that the timing of older adults’ protein consumption may be important; the traditional, protein-heavy dinner might need to give

Shield Your Brain from Harmful Free Radicals

The very air we breathe might be adding to our risk for Alzheimer’s disease (AD), according to a study published online Sept. 5, 2016 in the journal PNAS. The researchers autopsied the brains of 37 older city dwellers and discovered abnormally high concentrations of magnetite, an iron oxide found in

Making the Move to Healthy Fats

You read and hear a lot about dietary fats these days: Some are “good,” some are “bad,” and there are conflicting recommendations about how much is safe to eat. How do you sort this out when you’re in the grocery store, or it’s time for dinner?
“In a perfect case of

Eat Everything in Moderation? Not Necessarily Good Advice

The advice to “eat everything in moderation” has long been popular wisdom, though without much scientific evidence to support it. Now a new study has put that dictum to the test. Greater diet diversity was not associated with better outcomes as measured by waist circumference and risk of type 2

Q&A: Arsenic in Rice; Omega-6 vs. Omega-3; Aluminum

Q. Is the amount of arsenic in commonly sold rice in the US harmful to health? Would I be wise to stop eating rice entirely or limit the amount I eat? Is there more arsenic in white vs. brown rice?
A. Quentin Johnson, a consultant to Tufts’ Friedman School, answers: “Arsenic

Secrets of Uncle Sam’s Nutrition Prescription

Every five years, your Uncle Sam rounds up the latest scientific evidence about nutrition and serves up advice about what to eat and drink for better health. The resulting Dietary Guidelines for Americans (DGA)—whose eighth edition was released in January—provides basic guidance to the American public about healthy eating patterns

Is It OK to Put Eggs Back on Your Plate?

The humble egg has been on a roll lately. First, the US Department of Agriculture recalculated the amount of dietary cholesterol in a typical large egg downward—from 215 to 185 milligrams—and vitamin D upward (to 41 IU, 10% of the Daily Value). Then, earlier this year, the Dietary Guidelines Advisory

Smart Choices Key to Keeping Pounds Off as You Age

Popular coverage of diet and weight-loss strategies often summarizes the bottom line with a twist on President Bill Clinton’s campaign mantra, “It’s the economy, stupid.” When it comes to managing your weight, as this line of thinking goes, “It’s the calories, stupid.”
But a new study published in the American Journal

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