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7 Foods That Lower Blood Pressure

7 Foods That Lower Blood Pressure

When it comes to hypertension symptoms, a low blood pressure diet can be your medicine. While generally increasing plant foods (especially fruits and vegetables) is a must for anyone suffering from high blood pressure, research shows that certain plant foods are especially good at treating hypertension. With that in mind,

Cut Your Cancer Risk

Women frequently list cancer as one of their top health concerns. While some risk factors, such as a genetic predisposition to certain types of cancer, are beyond your control, a growing body of research indicates that choosing a healthy dietary pattern can help protect you. There is no “superfood” that

Percutaneous Coronary Intervention: How It Can Help Your Heart

Like all of your muscles, your heart needs a steady supply of oxygen-rich blood to remain healthy. But if there’s blockage in a coronary artery—a blood vessel that supplies blood to the heart—the result can be a heart attack. Even if blood flow is partially reduced, you can experience angina—episodes

Newsbriefs: Poor Health & Memory; Processed Red Meat & Heart Failure

Research finds that poor health, lifestyle factors may affect memory
A recent UCLA study suggests that depression, high blood pressure and a sedentary lifestyle are among the factors strongly associated with memory complaints, even among young adults. Researchers found that these lifestyle and health factors, as well as diabetes, smoking, obesity

2. Easy Ways To Get The Nutrition You Need

Eat Better, Save Money
A common misconception about trying to eat food that is more nutritious is that improving your diet has to cost more. “Healthy food is not necessarily expensive,” says Parke Wilde, PhD, an associate professor at Tufts’ Friedman School who previously worked for the USDA’s Economic Research Service.

How to Overcome Migraines Naturally

How to Overcome Migraines Naturally

The migraine headache is one of the top 20 most debilitating disorders in developed countries. It is caused by a complicated interplay between predisposing genetic variants and environmental factors. How to overcome migraines? There are all kinds of treatments that can help, including natural remedies discussed below.

First, consider that migraines

How Much Should You Worry About Meat and Cancer?

Is the slice of bacon on your BLT really as dangerous as smoking a cigarette? That was the implication of some of the scary headlines about the World Health Organization’s recent report stating that processed meat raises the risk of colon, stomach and other cancers. The expert panel of 22

Will Limiting Red Meat Help Stave Off Alzheimer’s?

You’ve heard time and again that it’s not wise to eat too much red meat, especially if processed, since higher intakes are linked with increased risks of obesity, cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes and several cancers. A growing number of studies suggest dietary patterns high in meat may promote cognitive

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Coffee Drinkers at Reduced Odds of Colorectal Cancer

The Pros and Cons of “Processed Foods”

The next time someone rails against the evils of processed foods—such as proponents of the current “eating clean” fad—keep in mind that “processed foods” include:

pasteurized milk
prewashed lettuce and spinach
canned beans
“baby” carrots
frozen and canned fish
frozen fruits and vegetables

“You hear the term ‘processed food’ thrown around a lot these days, but you

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