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New Dietary Approach Against Alzheimer’s

While both a Mediterranean-style diet and the DASH eating plan are associated with brain benefits, a hybrid dietary pattern that combines the best of both with the latest cognitive research may protect memory and thinking even better. A new study reports that the MIND (Mediterranean-DASH Intervention for Neurodegenerative Delay) diet

Keep Active to Protect Your Brain

Two new studies provide important evidence of how physical activity might reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of cognitive decline. One study reported that participants who were most active showed the least decline—the equivalent of 10 years of mental aging. In a second study, the most active

2. Brain-Healthy Dietary Patterns

When the latest Dietary Guidelines for Americans (DGAs) were released in January 2016, they earned headlines for their focus on added sugars and relaxed view of dietary fat. But the most important point of the updated DGAs was often overlooked in the flurry of media coverage: Healthy eating is more

2. Focus on Your Eating Pattern

A New Way of Thinking About Diet
For the first time, the 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans (DGA) emphasize the importance of choosing healthy dietary patterns—not just individual foods or specific vitamins and minerals—to prevent chronic disease.
“Over the course of any given day, week, or year, individuals consume foods and beverages

6 Steps to Better Brain Health

In the last few years, several studies have suggested that a healthy lifestyle reduces the risk for Alzheimer’s disease (AD). Sam Gandy, MD, PhD, director of Mount Sinai’s Center for Cognitive Health and NFL Cognitive Care, points to the Finnish Geriatric Intervention Study to Prevent Cognitive Impairment and Disability (FINGER)

8. Helping Yourself

This is an exciting time for Alzheimer’s drug development, but that doesn’t mean you should sit back and wait until new drugs become available. Take proactive steps today to preserve your memory and prevent dementia. There is good evidence that just by making better choices each day, like eating right,

New MIND Diet Safeguards the Brain

Want to improve your chances of dodging Alzheimer’s disease (AD)? New research suggests you’d do well to MIND your diet.

A newly developed eating plan called the MIND diet (Mediterranean-DASH Intervention for Neurodegenerative Delay) combines elements of the heart-healthy Mediterranean diet and the DASH diet for controlling hypertension, and like them

“Mind” Diet May Reduce Risk of Alzheimer’s Disease

Following a diet called the Mediterranean-DASH Intervention for Neurodegenerative Delay (MIND) diet is associated with a lower risk of Alzheimer’s disease (AD).

The MIND diet consists of 15 food groups, 10 of which are “brain-healthy” and five of which are “unhealthy.” The 10 brain-healthy groups include green leafy vegetables, other vegetables,

The Brain Diet: Eating for Maximum Brainpower

Want a keener mind and a more balanced mood in older age? A healthy diet may hold the key. Although it’s a small organ, the brain is metabolically the most active organ of the body and it requires continuous nourishment for optimal functioning.

“Diet has a very important effect on brain

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