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9. Hydration and Healthy Beverages

Meeting Your Water Needs
You’ve no doubt heard that everyone should drink eight glasses of water a day, but that’s mostly a myth. What is true is that there’s far more to hydration than counting glasses of water: In addition to water, other beverages, and even foods, can help you meet

6. Can Supplements Really “Boost” Brainpower

One of the fastest-growing segments of the dietary supplement industry is the market for products claiming to protect your memory or “boost” your brainpower. These range from mega-doses of vitamins your body does actually need (though not necessarily in such quantity) to novel concoctions such as Asian herbal remedies or

4. Brain Power Foods

Fruit and Vegetable Smarts
When your mom told you to eat your fruits and vegetables, she may not have known that those foods are good for your brain—but it was good advice in any case. We’ve seen how an overall healthy dietary pattern can help protect against dementia and cognitive decline.

2. Brain-Healthy Dietary Patterns

When the latest Dietary Guidelines for Americans (DGAs) were released in January 2016, they earned headlines for their focus on added sugars and relaxed view of dietary fat. But the most important point of the updated DGAs was often overlooked in the flurry of media coverage: Healthy eating is more

Your Adaptable Brain and How to Empower It

A healthy brain is an adaptable brain—one that can respond to new information and circumstances, withstand the harmful effects of injury, disease, and stress, and repair itself following damage to, or loss of, brain cells and/or their connections. This capacity, called neuroplasticity, is essential to staying sharp in older age.


11. The Future of Alzheimer’s Research

Over the past several years, many promising new treatments for Alzheimer’s disease have emerged from research laboratories and raised hope initially, only to be found lacking when subjected to more rigorous study. But trial and error is the nature of medical advancement. Through this process, researchers believe they are getting

4. Treatment for COPD

Even though COPD cannot be cured, it can be treated. Treatment is aimed at reducing symptoms, preventing the disease from getting worse, improving the ability to exercise, preventing and treating complications, and preventing and treating exacerbations.
For those with COPD who are current smokers, the most important first treatment will be

Use Aromatherapy to Change Your Mood

That’s because the sense of smell is processed through olfactory receptors that are directly connected to the limbic system, the brain’s ancient emotion center. Before signals are relayed from the limbic system to the cognitive region called the cortex, which is responsible for recognizing the odor, your nose and primitive

In Need of a Memory Boost? Reach for the Spice Rack!

Scientists have raided the kitchen cupboard as part of their never-ending effort to prevent memory decline in older adults, and they’ve come up with evidence that certain herbs and spices that we use every day may help improve memory and other brain functions.

One recent study has associated the herb rosemary

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