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Keep Your Hunger at Bay With Healthy Snacks

When you’re trying to eat healthfully, don’t overlook your snack selections. Healthy snacks can help tide you over until the next meal and help you fulfill some of your daily nutrient needs. However, eating snacks that are high in calories and low in nutrients can derail your other­wise healthy diet.
Snacking Basics

How to Take Oregano Oil

How to Take Oregano Oil

In the previous articles, we shared the many uses of oregano oil. Taking oregano oil is a powerful weapon against the following conditions. Follow the links to learn more about each one or keep reading here to learn oil of oregano uses.

Promoting heart health and lowering cholesterol levels
Natural remedy for

Newsbriefs: Whole Grains; Gluten-Free Diet; Postmenopausal Women

Eat Whole Grains for More Weight Loss
Whole grains may help with weight loss by decreasing calories retained during digestion, say researchers whose findings appeared Feb. 8, 2017 in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. In the study, 81 people were provided with food that included either whole grains or refined

Cut Calories by Choosing Healthier Drinks

Although obesity research has revealed that numerous factors, including genetics and hormone levels, affect weight, cutting the number of calories consumed is still the most recommended method for losing weight. Depending on the beverages you usually drink, you can cut up to 25 percent or more of your daily calories

6 Strategies for Better Blood Sugar After Meals

Controlling type 2 diabetes requires spot-checking blood sugar, including after you eat. “The highest blood sugars of the day tend to be after meals,” says Richard Siegel, MD, an endocrinologist and co-director of the Diabetes and Lipid Center at Tufts Medical Center. Blood sugar spikes—temporary high readings—after meals can be

Don’t Rush to Surgery for Prostate Cancer

After skin cancer, prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men, according to the American Cancer Society (ACS)—and six cases in 10 occur in men age 65 and older.
For some men, prostate cancer can be an aggressive disease, but for most, the disease is slow growing—in fact, men with

Q&A: Dementia; PCOS; Duodenal Ulcers

Q. How can you tell if someone has early-onset dementia?
A. Early-onset dementia refers to having developed dementia before the age of 65. In some people, problems with balance and strength may be the first signs of dementia. In a six-year study of 2,288 men and women age 65 and over,

Newsbriefs: Statins; Thyroid Cancer; Heart Attack Test

Should You Take A Statin To Prevent Heart Disease?
In late 2016, the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force updated its 2008 recommendations on statins for the prevention of heart disease (JAMA, Nov. 15, 2016). After weighing benefits and harms, they now suggest adults age 40-75 with no history of coronary artery

Uterine Cancer: Symptoms Can Lead to Early Diagnosis

Uterine Cancer: Symptoms Can Lead to Early Diagnosis

Endometrial cancer is the most common cancer of the female reproductive system. Endometrial and other cancers of the uterine body (the upper part of the uterus) are newly diagnosed in more than 54,000 women each year, according to The American Cancer Society. Almost all uterine cancers originate in the inner

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