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Balance Exercises for Seniors

Balance Exercises for Seniors

There’s no way around it: As time passes, we tend to lose muscle mass, our organs tend to function less efficiently, and our risk of disease increases. The good news is that there is a lifestyle change we can make to mitigate these risks, and it involves exercise—particularly balance exercises

How Much Exercise Is Too Much?

How Much Exercise Is Too Much?

Americans are in love with a good work-out these days. Ordinary health clubs are passé while the newer venues promise to transform you with Navy Seal training and martial arts matches. And, your local 5K is yesterday’s news.

Do Short Workouts Work?

Lack of time is among the top excuses for not exercising. Well, that excuse may not hold up now that research is showing that short bursts of exercise can indeed be beneficial. Some findings suggest that as little as 30 minutes a week can provide health benefits. Getting started the

The HIIT Trend: High-Intensity Interval Training

The HIIT Trend: High-Intensity Interval Training

High-intensity interval training, or HIIT, might sound like something just for über athletes, but it isn’t. It’s a great method for just about anyone who wants to quickly take their fitness to a new level. And according to researchers from the Tabata protocol workout, which was first described by the

8. Special Health Concerns

Live Better
Although some people use exercise to help reduce risk of disease, it also can be an important way to help you manage a chronic disease, including preserving your independence and ability to do other activities you enjoy. Although starting a new physical activity regimen may be intimidating at first,

2. Essential Exercise

What’s Your Exercise Story?
Individuals come to exercise programs with different histories of physical activity. Maybe you played a team sport in high school and intramural athletics in college, but gradually became less active with the demands of work and family. Perhaps you’ve always preferred solitary activities, such as hiking on

HIIT Moves Out of the Exercise Lab and into the Real World

The HIIT movement (high-intensity interval training) has been gaining popularity among elite athletes and serious, younger, well-conditioned exercisers for several years. Now a scaled-back version may be ready for wider use among older, less fit, and overweight individuals, as well as those with certain health issues.
The science behind HIIT is

Get Moving: The Best Cardio Workouts for You

It is well documented that exercise can improve your health no matter what your age, but after you reach 60, cardiovascular fitness becomes even more important. “It may be your best medicine against many age-related conditions, such as memory loss, weight gain, loss in bone density, and sarcopenia (age-related muscle

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Bones and Joints

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Cool, Refreshing, and Challenging

Pool workouts have undergone an extreme make-over in the past few years. While working out in the water will always have a joint-friendly benefit, a variety of higher-intensity and unique classes are making a splash with people of all ages and all fitness levels. Almost anything you can do on

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