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5. Make Half Your Grains Whole

Fiber for Your Heart
You can obtain much of the dietary fiber you need by eating grains. Tufts’ MyPlate for Older Adults provides examples of choices that are high in fiber, such as whole and fortified grains and 100% whole-wheat bread. Fiber from grains is known as “cereal fiber,” a term

2. Eating To Beat Disease

When you have a chronic health condition or are at increased risk of a chronic disease, such as obesity, heart disease, diabetes, or celiac disease, it’s natural to focus on foods you should limit or avoid. However, you’ll likely find eating more enjoyable if you shift your attention to substituting

Top 10 Diet Trends of 2014

America’s interest in healthy eating is soaring, driving 64 percent of our daily food choices, according to the 2013 Food & Health Survey commissioned by the International Food Information Council (IFIC). And it’s easy to see the proof as you walk through the supermarket aisle—the demand for healthy food is

Think Twice Before Giving Up Grains

You’ve likely noticed the proliferation of books, websites, and specialty foods aimed at helping people avoid gluten-containing grains—and all other grains, too. While a small group of scientists, medical professionals, and bloggers are leading the charge for grain-free diets—declaring grains a mismatch based on human evolution—the majority of experts believe

The Siren Call of “Gluten-Free”

Thousands of consumers flock to the gluten-free aisles of the grocery store under the misguided conviction that they will achieve weight loss or good health by eliminating gluten-containing foods from their diet. This, despite the fact that gluten-free diets can lack essential nutrients—most gluten-free foods are not enriched or fortified

3. Whole-Grain Superfoods

Within every whole-grain kernel, you’ll find a remarkable supply of important nutrients. Whole grains are a top source of unrefined carbohydrates (carbs), the slowly-digested “fuel” that provides your body with a steady supply of energy needed for the optimal function of all of your body’s systems.
Carbs have been the target

For Optimal Health, Increase Fiber-Rich Foods

Dietary fiber has long been touted for its digestive benefits, but the scientific research is booming on fiber’s ability to boost immune health and reduce risk of obesity, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and certain cancers.

Wendy Dahl, PhD, RD, researcher at the University of Florida, and David Klurfeld, PhD, National

Gluten: Can It Harm Your Brain?

Avoiding foods that contain gluten—the most common of a group of proteins found in wheat, rye, and barley—is the latest dietary trend sweeping across the nation, with sales of gluten-free foods and beverages predicted to reach $6.6 billion by 2017. The popular press credits gluten-free diets with preventing a variety

Just In: No Benefit From Gluten-Free Diets…

Despite the growing popularity of gluten-free diets, they could be a waste of time and money, according to a new review. Researchers make the case that for most people—except for those with Celiac disease or gluten sensitivity—there is no published data that indicates any benefits of adhering to a gluten-free

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