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Beware of Chronic Dieting

Eating disorders are more prevalent in young adults, but they can develop later in life. Compared to men, women are twice as likely to have an eating disorder. According to clinical psychologist Danyale McCurdy-McKinnon, PhD, Clinical Psychology Director for the UCLA Fit for Healthy Weight Program, undereating, dieting, or just

Can’t Sleep? Here’s How to Beat Insomnia

Can’t Sleep? Here’s How to Beat Insomnia

Insomnia is now at epidemic levels. Up to half of Americans suffer from at least one of the four cardinal insomnia symptoms:

Difficulty falling asleep
Inability to stay asleep
Waking up in the early morning
Experiencing nonrestorative sleep

Almost a quarter of the U.S. population meets the strict diagnostic criteria for insomnia disorder, in which

2. Eating To Beat Disease

When you have a chronic health condition or are at increased risk of a chronic disease, such as obesity, heart disease, diabetes, or celiac disease, it’s natural to focus on foods you should limit or avoid. However, you’ll likely find eating more enjoyable if you shift your attention to substituting

Do-It-Yourself Strategies for Improved Sleep

Sleep is a key component of a healthy lifestyle; in fact, getting an adequate amount of quality sleep may be as important as following a healthy eating pattern and getting regular exercise.

“Sleep is critical; just as you can’t live without breathing, you can’t live without sleep,” says Ana Krieger, MD,

Weight Maintenance: Meal Timing May Be the Key

Emerging research suggests that when you eat may be just as important as what you eat. Nutrition experts have long suspected that skipping meals early in the day may result in increased hunger, which leads to overeating later in the day. In fact, several studies confirm that missing breakfast is

5. Treatments for Depression

Just over half of adult Americans suffering from depression receive what is considered to be “minimally adequate treatment” in any given 12-month period, according to the National Institute of Mental Health. That means almost half of all depressed people in the U.S. are not receiving the care they need, even

Newsbriefs: Omega-3s; Weight Loss; Obesity and Cancer Risk

Omega-3s May Protect You After Heart Attack
Giving heart attack patients a high daily dose of omega-3 fatty acids from fish oil for six months after a heart attack improved the function of the heart and reduced scarring by 5.6 percent in the undamaged muscle, according to a new study (Circulation,

Body Weight and Your Brain: How Do They Interact?

If you’re trying to lose weight, your brain may not be on your side.

Recent research suggests that the brain acts as a sort of weight regulator that seeks to maintain a “set point” of body weight and restore lost weight when you diet. Through various processes, the brain is involved

Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Everyone aspires to a good night’s rest, but actually achieving this, both in quality and quantity, can be elusive.

Rest—more specifically, healthy sleep—is critical for good health, to replenish and refresh the body’s systems—our organs, muscles, and energy level. Metabolic activity and body temperature both dip during sleep, allowing the body

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