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The Startling Dangers of Tooth Infection

Swollen gums, halitosis, and cavities are serious concerns, but may be insignificant problems compared to greater dangers of tooth infection: hepatitis, cancer, and more. The ancient meridian system of arteries and nerves may explain how bacterial migration occurs.

Your Oral Health Speak Volumes About Your Wellness

If you want a snapshot of your health status then open wide. “Many common problems older adults face with their oral health also can be warning signs of other health issues that need attention,” says Diana V. Messadi, DDS of the UCLA School of Dentistry.

Approximately 40 percent of those age

Take Care of Your Teeth and Gums

If you have sore or bleeding gums, frequent tooth pain, or other dental problems, there may be more at stake than the health of your mouth.

“Research has shown that there is an association between oral inflammation and systemic inflammation. Examples of diseases linked to systemic inflammation are heart disease, respiratory

7. Getting Active

Taking the First Steps
If you’re ready to get more active, start by thinking about what sounds like fun. Remember when you were a kid and it was fun to play hopscotch, jump rope, or ride your bicycle with your neighborhood friends? Most likely you didn’t think about the fact that

Are You Suffering from Jaw Pain?

Are You Suffering from Jaw Pain?

Because your jaw is one of the joints you use most often, dealing with jaw pain can be difficult—it can affect your ability to talk and eat. Often, jaw pain is related to problems with your teeth resulting from an oral health issue or from a habit like teeth-grinding.

But jaw

8. Caring for a person with Alzheimer’s Disease

If a loved one has Alzheimer’s disease and you will be the primary caregiver, there’s much you need to know, both about how to care for the person with the condition and about how to care for yourself. More than half of the people with Alzheimer’s disease are cared for

Care for Your Teeth Properly, and Your Brain Health Could Benefit

Numerous studies have linked gum disease to a variety of health problems, including heart disease, heart attack, stroke, diabetes, and rheumatoid arthritis. Several recent studies add to the potential clinical impact of gum disease and tooth loss with data suggesting an association with cognitive decline in seniors.
At this time, there

What Is “Oil-Pulling”?

Q. What is “oil pulling” and is it a healthful practice?

A. Oil pulling is a folk remedy that involves swishing a small amount of oil, usually coconut or sesame, in one’s mouth for one to 20 minutes. The oil is not swallowed, but is spit out. The practice originated in

The Benefits of Good Dentition Extend Far Beyond Your Mouth

One way to get information about your health is to simply “open wide.”

“Problems with your oral health could be warning signs of serious health issues that need immediate attention,” says Marsha Rubin, DDS, Program Director of the General Practice Residency in Dentistry at New York-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell.
Gum Disease
The main culprit of

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