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Keep Cancer from Coming Back

After kicking cancer, you might worry it will return. That’s understandable. Cancer survivors are at significantly higher risk for cancer recurrence and for developing new cancers. But, that doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do about it. Although many factors affect cancer risk and survival, following a healthy diet and

Which Exercise is Best for Weight Loss?

Which Exercise is Best for Weight Loss?

Deciding which exercise is best for weight loss can be a dilemma for anyone who doesn’t already play a sport or exercise regularly. The very fact that we may be hunting for an answer to that question acknowledges that we want to accomplish our weight loss goal as quickly as

1. Building the Active Body

Aging Strong and Gracefully
If you’re concerned about how old you look or how old you feel, you might be tempted to search for the fountain of youth in anti-aging supplements, face creams, or spa treatments. In truth, two of the most effective—and inexpensive—things you can do to hold on to

Diabetes: A Serious Problem for the Brain

A mountain of evidence amassed by scientific researchers attests to the damaging effects of diabetes on the brain. But the precursors of diabetes—insulin resistance and prediabetes— also take a toll. If not carefully controlled, diabetes and its precursors can increase risk for health problems such as stroke, heart attack, and

The Latest Diet Strategies for Heart Health

After three-and-a-half days of presentations on nutrition research at the American Heart Association (AHA) conference, here’s EN’s takeaway on today’s big questions on heart health.
Saturated and Trans Fats: Still Targets
Despite questions raised by headlines, limiting saturated fat remains important for heart health, according to Robert Eckel, MD, director of the

Eating to Prevent Ovarian Cancer

More than 21,000 U.S. women may expect a diagnosis of ovarian cancer in 2015, making it the fifth most common cause of cancer death among women. Ovarian cancer often has no symptoms at early stages, so the disease is generally advanced when diagnosed, with only a 45 percent rate of

Eating to Defeat Cancer

Cancer is one of the top health concerns worldwide. While some risk factors, such as a genetic predisposition to certain types of cancer, are beyond your control, lifestyle choices, such as getting regular exercise, not smoking, and eating a healthy diet, can help protect you.

“There is no single ‘superfood’ that

Is Inflammation a Factor in Depression?

Inflammation is commonly associated with infections, injuries, allergic reactions, and other physical assaults on the body. Now researchers are focusing on another health issue linked with inflammation: major depressive disorder (MDD).

A recent study that compared people with MDD with those without MDD found the first definitive evidence of brain inflammation

Breast Cancer Prevention Update

Breast cancer is the most commonly occurring cancer in women in the U.S. But changes in eating habits and physical activity could prevent about one in three cases, according to the American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR).

Reduce Breast Cancer Risk with a Healthy Weight
For lower risk of

Prolonged Sitting and Physical Activity

Sitting for extended periods of time has long been linked with health concerns, including obesity and metabolic syndrome (a cluster of conditions that includes increased blood pressure, high blood sugar, excess body fat around the waist, and abnormal cholesterol levels), cardiovascular disease and, possibly, cancer, regardless of moderate and vigorous

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