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The Best Ways to Boost Your Brain Power

While memory lapses occur throughout our lives, they become more frequent—and more worrisome—as we get older. The good news is that you can take action to keep your memory intact and possibly even prevent future cognitive decline. For optimal functioning, your brain needs proper nutrition, adequate exercise, regular stimulation, minimal

1. Eating Wisely As You Age

How Diet Makes a Difference
We all know that eating a healthy diet is important for growing children, and the obesity epidemic and soaring rates of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and other chronic diseases dramatically demonstrate the need to eat right from young adulthood into middle age. But does what you eat

High Blood Pressure in Mid-Life May Cause or Aggravate Dementia

An expert panel of the American Heart Association (AHA) has found consistent evidence that high blood pressure in midlife (age 40-64) is associated with impaired cognitive function in mid- and later life.
When high blood pressure develops after age 64, its impact on brain function is less clear, the panel explained

5. Nutrients in Supplement Form

Multivitamins and Your Brain
For many Americans, taking a multivitamin as “insurance” against nutritional shortfalls is a daily habit. Americans have been taking multivitamin/mineral supplements since the early 1940s, and an estimated one-third of all U.S. consumers take these regularly. Multivitamins account for almost one-sixth of all purchases of dietary supplements

What Is Vascular Dementia?

What Is Vascular Dementia?

Vascular dementia (VaD) ranks second among memory loss causes after Alzheimer’s disease, yet it is often overlooked. But what is vascular dementia?
The condition is caused by vascular problems affecting memory regions and supporting structures in the brain, and is closely associated with cardiovascular disease and cerebrovascular disease. Causes of vascular

Newsbriefs: Long-Lived Parents; Cardiovascular Risk; COPD

Long-Lived Parents Mean Longer Life for You.
If your mother and father lived past 70 your risk of all-cause mortality declines to 16 and 17 percent per decade, respectively, while mortality risk from coronary heart disease declines 20 and 21 percent per decade, respectively. The increased parental longevity was associated with

Vein Graft Failure in Bypass Surgery: All Too Common

Every year, more than 400,000 U.S. adults with atherosclerosis undergo coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG) to improve blood flow to their heart muscle. In each patient, the surgeon selects one or more arteries or veins that will be used to reroute blood around the blockage. Saphenous veins from the legs

Newsbriefs: Obesity; Alzheimer’s; Pain Meds; Statin Alternative

Big waistline increases risk of sudden death.
Obesity appears to be an independent risk factor for sudden cardiac death (SCD), a fatal malfunction of the heart’s electrical system, in middle-aged adults. An analysis of the Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities study published online November 19, 2014 in Heart found that SCD occurred

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