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What Is Cholesterol Ratio?

What Is Cholesterol Ratio?

“Cholesterol Ratio” has emerged as a much more reliable means of evaluating true cardiovascular risk than traditional cholesterol measures. Learn why this is important and how to calculate your own ratio to know if you are at risk.

5. Make Half Your Grains Whole

Fiber for Your Heart
You can obtain much of the dietary fiber you need by eating grains. Tufts’ MyPlate for Older Adults provides examples of choices that are high in fiber, such as whole and fortified grains and 100% whole-wheat bread. Fiber from grains is known as “cereal fiber,” a term

3. Eat a Variety of Vegetables

Plants and Phytonutrients
When you were growing up, your mother may have told you to “eat your vegetables”—and that’s still good advice when you are older. Vegetables occupy more space on Tufts’ MyPlate for Older Adults than any other food group for good reasons. In all of the various rating systems

Finding New Health Benefits for Vitamin K

Vitamin K, once thought important primarily for blood clotting, may have a much wider array of health benefits. One recent Spanish study reported that people with the highest dietary intake of vitamin K were at significantly lower risk of mortality from cardiovascular disease, cancer and all causes. And if you’re

No Heart Benefit Seen for Women Taking Multivitamins

Multivitamin supplements are no substitute for a nutritious diet in preventing cardiovascular disease, according to a large new study of multivitamin use in women. Despite the widespread use of multivitamin supplements, few studies have investigated whether they reduce the risk of major chronic diseases, including cardiovascular disease. In 2012, results from

New Reasons to Eat More Whole Grains and Fiber

Take a look in your pantry. Do you see whole-grain pasta? Does the label on your bread say “100% whole wheat”? (Are you sure? Don’t be fooled by terms like “multigrain.”) Is your breakfast cereal made with whole grains?
“We are very fortunate these days—for almost any type of baked product

More Good News for Nut Lovers

For the first time, a combined analysis of data from studies totaling more than 350,000 participants has concluded that a daily handful of nuts not only delivers healthy nutrition—it might also help you live longer. Although the 15 studies were not designed to prove cause and effect, the new meta-analysis

New Evidence for the Benefits of Whole Grains

Nutrition experts—including those advising this newsletter—have been preaching for years about the benefits of replacing refined grains in your diet with whole grains. The latest Dietary Guidelines for Americans echoed this advice, recommending limiting intake of refined grains and products made with refined grains and starches. People consuming a healthy

Newsbriefs: Flavonoids; Calorie Labeling; Lipid Levels; Running

Eat more flavonoids for healthier aging.
Healthy aging, defined by researchers as reaching age 70 or older, being in good mental and physical health, and being free of major, chronic diseases, is linked to diets containing more flavonoids, a group of phytonutrients found in plant foods, according to a recent study.

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