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Cut Your Cancer Risk

Women frequently list cancer as one of their top health concerns. While some risk factors, such as a genetic predisposition to certain types of cancer, are beyond your control, a growing body of research indicates that choosing a healthy dietary pattern can help protect you. There is no “superfood” that

What Is a Normal Cholesterol Level?

What Is a Normal Cholesterol Level?

You already know that keeping your cholesterol in check is important for heart health. High cholesterol is associated with clogged arteries and a greater chance of a heart attack. But you may be wondering: What exactly is a normal cholesterol level, and how do I get there? And you’re probably

9. Hydration and Healthy Beverages

Meeting Your Water Needs
You’ve no doubt heard that everyone should drink eight glasses of water a day, but that’s mostly a myth. What is true is that there’s far more to hydration than counting glasses of water: In addition to water, other beverages, and even foods, can help you meet

Ask the Experts: Diverticulitis; Eye Vitamins; Tea Shortage

Q: I’ve read in your newsletter about the benefits of nuts and “seeded” fruits such as blueberries, but I have diverticulitis. Do I need to avoid these healthy foods because of their effects on diverticulitis?

A: Katelyn Castro, a dietetic intern at Tufts’ Frances Stern Nutrition Center, and Joel Mason, MD,

Heart Benefit Seen From Compound in Tea, Cocoa, Apples

A study of older Dutch men provides new insight into why tea and cocoa protect against heart disease, showing for the first time that a compound called epicatechin is associated with reduced mortality from cardiovascular disease. The 25-year study followed nearly 800 men, all initially over age 65. Higher levels

Green Tea Extract Fails to Fight Fat or Boost Bones

Don’t count on green-tea pills to help you lose weight or keep your bones strong. A new clinical trial testing year-long supplementation of green-tea extract reports no difference between the pills and placebo in changes in body mass index, total fat mass or percentage of body fat, or bone-mineral density.


What’s the Right Menu to Control Hypertension?

If you’re worried about high blood pressure, a new systematic review of scientific evidence has good news: Changing your diet really can make a difference. Not surprisingly, the most effective diet for reducing hypertension was one designed specifically for that purpose—the Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension (DASH) plan. But other

9. Beverages: Staying Hydrated

A cool glass of water is calorie-free, readily available, and refreshing. Without water, you could live only a few days. Between 45 and 75 percent of a person’s body weight is water. Water is necessary for transporting nutrients, facilitating digestion, lubricating joints and body tissues, maintaining blood pressure and circulation,

3. Choosing Healthy Heart-Brain Foods

The Need for Nutrient Density
Another concept emphasized in the latest Dietary Guidelines for Americans (DGA) is nutrient density. You need to consume nutrient-dense foods and beverages to get enough of the nutrients you need without consuming too many calories. Aim to get as much nutritional “bang” for your caloric “bucks”

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