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How Do You Get Diabetes?

How Do You Get Diabetes?

The worldwide prevalence of diabetes is reaching epidemic proportions, recent data suggests. So, the critical question for everyone is: How do you get diabetes? A number of underlying factors are to blame for the global upswing in diabetes cases.
To avoid becoming part of the statistics, it’s vital to understand

1. Building the Active Body

Aging Strong and Gracefully
If you’re concerned about how old you look or how old you feel, you might be tempted to search for the fountain of youth in anti-aging supplements, face creams, or spa treatments. In truth, two of the most effective—and inexpensive—things you can do to hold on to

Newsbites: Celebrity Chefs; Type 1 Diabetes; Low Iron; Sugar Politics

Celebrity Chefs Set Bad Example for Food Safety
About 1 in 6 Americans suffer a foodborne illness each year, often in their own homes, so safe food handling practices can’t be overemphasized. Recently, scientists watched 100 episodes of cooking shows from 24 celebrity chefs preparing meat dishes and tracked the chefs’

Food: The Biggest Issue Not on the Table in 2016 Elections

Amid the hoopla and distractions of the 2016 elections, real issues have been raised and discussed. Questions have been posed, and answers proffered, on wide-ranging topics including jobs, Syria, tax policy, immigration, healthcare, education, the courts, banking, our relations with China, Russia and Europe, and many more. While the replies

Newsbites: Sugary Drink Frequency; Comfort Food; Arthritis Risk

Sugary Drink Frequency Drops
More evidence that Americans are getting the message about the negatives of added sugars in liquid form comes from a report showing a sharp drop in the percentage of adults drinking at least one sugar-sweetened beverage a day. The new CDC report used data from the 2013

6 Iffy Claims About Reducing Salt

The latest Dietary Guidelines for Americans call for limiting sodium intake to no more than 2,300 milligrams daily. Although the 2015 revision put less emphasis on more restrictive limits for people 51 and older, African-Americans, and those with hypertension, diabetes or kidney disease, that shouldn’t be interpreted as a green

Finding High-Protein Foods from Plant Sources

Finding High-Protein Foods from Plant Sources

Some plant foods contain fiber, vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, and healthy fats, along with a significant amount of protein. Studies suggest that adopting a plant-based diet lowers your risk of chronic disease and extends your life. Many health experts recommend including a few meatless meals that contain high-protein foods from plant

11. Healthy Lifestyle

As important as it is to eat well, as discussed in the bulk of this report, other lifestyle factors, including exercise and sleep, also impact your health. Compared with less active people, those who are more physically active tend to live longer and have lower risks of many chronic diseases,

2. Focus on Your Eating Pattern

A New Way of Thinking About Diet
For the first time, the 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans (DGA) emphasize the importance of choosing healthy dietary patterns—not just individual foods or specific vitamins and minerals—to prevent chronic disease.
“Over the course of any given day, week, or year, individuals consume foods and beverages

Seek Help if You Suffer From Chronic Anxiety

Up to 14 percent of American seniors are thought to suffer from anxiety according to the National Council on Aging. Many more have an undiagnosed anxiety disorder. “Older adults are at risk for anxiety because they face many challenges, including poor health, loss, and decreasing social support,” says Judith Neugroschl,

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