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Because prostate ailments are not a matter of choice, you should know your options!

Find out which treatment and detection procedures are right for you in a candid and authoritative new report from Cleveland Clinic Men’s Health Advisor

You’re a man. For you that means a prostate ailment is a virtual certainty. It comes with the territory. And when it does, you’d better have a map!

When you’re confronting a prostate ailment, you don’t want detours. You don’t want distractions. You want directions. And that’s what you’ll find in Prostate Cancer and other Diseases of the Prostate: The 2016 Report.

And the fact is, it is almost inevitable that you will face a prostate ailment. 1 in 6 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer during his lifetime. Prostatitis sends over two million men to doctors each year. Half of all men aged 50 or more have enlarged prostates, and by the time you reach your 70s and 80s, that number grows to over 90%!

What’s a man to do?

The good news is that when it comes to dealing with prostate ailments – prostatitis, BPH (enlarged prostate) or even prostate cancer, you have more treatment options than ever.

But, how do you choose a course of action? How do you sort out the competing claims? Indeed, how do you know if perhaps – for you – the best thing to do is to do nothing at all?

Prostate Cancer and other Diseases of the Prostate: The 2016 Report is a straight-talking new report that examines the subject that men are often reluctant to discuss even with their doctors.

It will tackle the ongoing debate about the validity and necessity for a PSA test and explore emerging options in testing that may provide far more reliable results with far fewer false positives. It will examine the pros and cons of various prostate cancer treatments. It will clarify the “growing vs. going” approaches to BPH. It will tell you the four things you can do to decrease the risk of prostatitis. In short, you’ll find out what you can do – and should do.

Forget what you heard around the office water cooler

Remember how few of the “facts of life” you heard from your buddies on the schoolyard turned out to be true? The same is still the case when it comes to common beliefs about the causes and consequences of prostate ailments.

The Report will help you understand the mechanics of the prostate, the reasons for its susceptibility to problems as a man ages, practical measures for preventing prostate ailments, and action plans for effectively minimizing prostate disease’s effects without compromising your personal independence or sexual vitality.

Your greatest fear will be eased

Prostate cancer. It’s a diagnosis that every man dreads. And one that over 220,000 men in this country will hear this year. What’s the first thing you should do if you’re diagnosed?

The answer may be nothing. Most prostate cancers are slow-growing. There is no need to rush to a decision on how to be treated. You should take time to select the course of action right for you. The Report will help you assess the risks and benefits of surgery… examine the two leading forms of radiation, and discuss the option of “active surveillance.” Plus, you’ll explore the chief suspects in causing prostate cancer, what the “Gleason score” really means, how to start a preventive diet, and why you should always get a second opinion (and who you should get it from!)

Most of all, you’ll have the information you need to intelligently discuss options with your doctor and make the decisions that are best for you.

You’ll discover how doctors are helping men ease – and eliminate – the discomfort of prostatic enlargement.

Prostate Cancer and other Disease of the Prostate: the 2016 Report will brief you on the causes of BPH and advances in treatment that are improving outcomes and reducing side effects, often without surgery.

You’ll read about a combination therapy that’s reducing symptom progression far better than any prior single drug… about a test that is sensitive enough to detect 90% of severe BPH cases… and why you may want to avoid certain cold and allergy medicines if you do have BPH symptoms. You’ll also be updated on successful non-surgical treatments that employ lasers and microwaves and a simple dietary change that may help you prevent an enlarged prostate.

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Discover the facts – and dispel the myths – about prostate disease in a practical new guide that will show you how to select the best options and make the best decisions for your health and happiness!

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