How to Take Oregano Oil

Learn to make the most of this incredibly versatile natural treatment.

In the previous articles, we shared the many uses of oregano oil. This simple, all-natural oil oregano oil is a powerful weapon against the following conditions. Follow the links to learn more about each one or keep reading here to learn how to use this natural remedy.


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How to Take Oregano Oil

Now that you know why you should take oregano, you need to learn how you should take it.

Oregano oil is widely available in bottled liquid extract, capsule and tablet form; wild P73 oregano oil is the most potent. Please note that before you begin an oregano oil supplement, advice from a healthcare professional is strongly encouraged.


For athlete’s foot, submerge the affected area in a bath containing a few teaspoons of the oil.

For skin conditions and nail fungus, dilute the oregano oil with 100 percent pure olive oil at a rate of 1 teaspoon of olive oil per drop of oregano oil and apply the mixture to the skin and nails.


Dilute the oregano oil with 100 percent pure olive oil at a rate of 1 drop of olive oil per 1 drop of oregano oil. Use a sterilized dropper bottle. Drop 1 to 2 drops of the diluted oil under the tongue and hold it there for a few minutes; then flush with water. You can gargle the water with a few drops of oregano oil for a few minutes and then swallow.

You need a dosage of 500 mg, four times per day, to achieve the antimicrobial benefits. Therefore, if you are taking oregano sublingually or gargling it, be sure you do this several times per day to be sure you are receiving an adequate dosage.


To fight sinus infections, colds and allergies, add a few drops of oregano oil to a small pot with boiling water. Cover you head with a towel, close your eyes and put your face over the pot (but not close enough to get burned); inhale the steam. Repeat several times to clear the throat and nasal passages.


For acute infections, you need approximately 500 mg, four times per day, to achieve the antimicrobial benefits. However, since different manufacturers have different amounts of the active ingredients – caravacrol and thymol – in their particular brand, it is helpful to follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

For more serious chronic conditions, it is best to seek the advice of an integrative physician. In these instances, an integrative physician may recommend a very high dose of the oil.


  • Oregano can cause reactions in people allergic to Lamiaceae family plants, including basil, hyssop, lavender, marjoram, mint, and sage.
  • If you are taking prescription medications, do not start oregano oil without consulting with your doctor or an integrative physician first.

If you’ve tried oregano oil in the past and have seen positive results, please leave a comment below telling us your experience. By doing so, you can encourage other readers who are seeking natural alternatives for their health conditions as well.

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This article was originally published in 2012 and has been updated.

  • andreea v.

    i have a 4 year old son who has E coli bacteria.
    I am interested how i can give oregano oil for treating this thing

    Thank you

  • dawn h.

    This is the first time using oregano oil its strong in my juice five drops how long before I know if I’m allergic to it


    Concerning the oil of OREGANO
    i have the herbal supplement by HERB PHARM
    Oregano spirits immune support. 1 fluid oz.
    What i needed to find out is…..
    How many DROPs does it take to reach the optimum benefits of. #500mg. 4 xs a day??
    I have not been sick in YEARS!
    Woke up with LARYNGITIS which i know is a sign of BRONCHITIS. Dripping nasel.headach also!
    Can you help me

  • Greg H.

    I’m not really big on taking supplements, preferring to get all my macro-nutrients, vitamins and minerals simply by eating a very healthy diet. But as a special case, every morning I take a single Oregano Oil cap (one that contains 32 mg of carvacrol per cap) because of its reputation for providing so many additional health benefits.

    My bother and I, both retired, live together, and this winter he came down with a really bad case of the flu, norovirus I suspect. He suffered with it for a couple of weeks, just couldn’t kick it, and I figured I would certainly catch it from him; but amazingly I never did. Doing some online research I stumbled across a reference to using oregano oil as a treatment for norovirus. Figuring it was at least in part the oregano oil that kept me from catching the flu from my bother, I suggested he give it a try. After taking three capsules per day for three days he finally got better, and now he too is continuing to routinely take one cap a day.

    Of course this hardly qualifies as proof that it was actually the oregano oil that made the difference in either of our cases, but it certainly reinforced my decision to continue taking it as part of my daily routine.

  • I’ve had good success with oregano oil, but I can’t tolerate the taste of the liquid. Greg, what brand of caps do you like? I’d like to try that instead.

  • I recently infused some oregano into olive oil. Didn’t plan on using it so soon but about the time it was ready for use, I came down with a UTI. I used 1/4 teaspoon x 4 daily for 10 days (number of days based on most antibiotic dosages. I am free of the UTI and now restarting the probiotics into my system since I am aware that antibiotic kill pretty much all bacteria good and bad. BTW…I like this better since I can put my dosage into my meals which makes it easier to take.

  • Peggy

    I got bite by a cat. On my ear through the cartlage. 6 months ago. Ive taken 4 antibiotics. Used one antibiotic cream. Seen three docs and an infectious disease doc. My body is so blown out from the meds that i just cant take any more. Ive been on oregano now for 5 days. My ear and face feel better than they have since the bite. It os finally going away on the inside. The ear is still bad. Skin wise. Tried many things. Even EO of oregano. Finally i found a mineral cream Earthseaskinplus and an EO called Owie for kids. I put this on the ear in very small amounts. The cream first then just the tinyest bit of owie oil. Not even a drop. Just a touch to a glass dropper. The skin on the ear must also breath. This is amazing how much it is helping. I can only wait and see if it heals completely. And then doesnt come back.

  • I’ve succesfully burnt out my genital wart,from my pubic region in about 3-4 days.but it burnt like hell,it gave me quite a nasty scar,but eventually it healed.they didn’t came back since then(it’s been a year aprox.).i dont reccomend to put it on genitals! I’m quite shure that if you take small oral dosages too,it’s even more effective and it kills the problem from it’s “roots”.It gave me a huge releef…it made me happy again,it put me back to normal

  • Kathleen P.

    Consult with my dr before taking?? Ha! All they ever say is “what is that? I dont know about that- no, do not take it!”

  • I almost died four years ago from a staph infection in my arm (celluitis) due to my having had one lymph node removed ten years previously for breast cancer diagnosis. I was hospitalized for five days and had reactions to many antibiotics, both oral and systemic (intravenous). I now can only take one antibiotic for my celluitis on an outpatient basis , which has a severe side effect of causing almost total insomnia. As we were going on vacation last month, I got a spot of celluitis on my elbow. Not wanting to ruin our vacation with insomnia, I turned to Dr. Google and realized I could take does of oregano oil, which kills staph. I took three tablets of 70% carvacol oregano oil four times daily for a week. The oregano oil knocked out the infection one day faster than my antibiotics had done. I coupled this treatment with my lymphedema massage and wearing a compression arm and hand sleeve, as instructed by my lymphedema specialists. This success has made me so much more reassured and self-reliant. I did some research, as my oil of oregano was over two years old. It seems that it stays fresh indefinitely in the capsule. So no more worrying that my antibiotics are out of date. I did use probiotics for one week subsequent to my treatment to restore my gastrointestinal flora. Surprisingly, the oil of oregano also helped my other digestive issues and my asthma. My allergy cough subsided and has not returned. My naturopath is delighted; he believes asthma is a reaction to long-term, low level infection in the lungs. I hope my comment helps someone else who has developed resistance to many if not most outpatient antibiotics.

  • Mildred B.

    Taking 300 mg a day maintenance am for repeated Uti symptoms for last 4 wks. Evening taking 60 billion probiotic. Seems to be working. I have suffered over 5 yrs with repeated Uti symptoms, many times no positive test results. Also cut sugar and yeast from products and breads. So far so good. I have tried so many other herbs and product, lost count. In my opinion, Doctors don’t follow through with proper referral or testing, just antibiotics which complicate my issue.

  • Hello, I have Giardia from Nepal/India since four months. Took 3x Antibiotics but the Little creature did not disappear. Now before the doctor advises the next big medicine, I would like to try Oregano oil since I have heard great things about it.

    Also I would like to know how to take it, if I have a parasite like giardia and is there someone here who has tried this? Thanks for your help :) Miri

  • Monica r.

    My tinittus disappeared by taking 6 drops of oregano oil 3 times a day everyday diluted in a cup a of water.

  • I don’t recommend diluting with “water” if you are taking it orally, and if you are mixing “pure” oregano oil. Oregano oil that is 100% pure is very strong, and it will burn your skin, and your esophagous if you swallow it undiluted…and of course, oil and water DON’T mix. I accidentally tried it that was the first time, and the oil stayed in my throat and burned it. Dilute iwth Olive oil first if you plan on swallowing it, or you will regret it. And if you are using it topically, if you rub a large area of pure oregano oil, it will burn enough to make your skin peel. (although you can use a Q-tip, and put it cautiously…on pimples, or whatever, but don’t use big globs of it, be conservative!)

  • cheryl d.

    to take my OOO I drop 4 drops into a gel cap and just take it like a pill with water to swallow. makes it easy. I have imflamation and hurt most of the time. this has helped take the edge off, and I have more energy

  • Susan R.

    I have the potent good quality oil of oregano and there’s no way i can take this as it burns, i want to take for an UTI, my son days you use about 3 drops and mix with milk them drink milk straight afterwards to counteract the burning. I really would like an answer to this one if poss please as ill do anything to get rid of this painful UTI

  • I see a lot of people leaving info on here but not really giving a full description of what exactly you are taking. I found some capsules that are 75%-80% Carvacrol and each capsule is 50mgs. How much should one be taking for a maintenance? 500mg seems like a ton of pills. Any help?

  • Hi! How many times a day do you take this? Also for how long? I have Candida and Oregano Oil is an excellent way to kill it.


  • Last winter after two rounds of prescription antibiotics for a UTI and no end to my symptoms, I looked into essential oils. I have bunches for soap making and figured I had something effective on hand. I found advice online recommending 5-7 drops taken internally 3-4 times a day. I went with 4 times a day, taking it with water, immediately followed by milk and some bread to counteract the burn. It’s one of the nastiest tasting things ever. It burns which is why if you can get capsules, you’ll get it down way easier. I took it this way for seven days. I felt better by the second day, but wanted to be sure it was gone, thus the seven days.

    I now have another UTI hanging on after one round of ineffective treatment with a prescription. This is day 2 with oregano oil and I’m feeling much better this evening.

    I’ve tried diluting with both water and olive oil. I found that the olive oil coats my mouth and throat, prolonging the burning. The water, though it doesn’t mix with the oregano, carries it more effectively. I use about an ounce of water, followed by fill glass, followed by milk and bread.

    As it’s both antibacterial and antifungal, it’s taking care of the yeast infection that the prescription antibiotics caused. If you’re unsure if you have a UTI, you can order the urine test strips doctors use online. If you’re worried about the sterility of your cups or want disposable, sterile urine sample cups are also available online.


    I had dental surgery but refused the antibiotics from the dentist. A few days later I had some pain at the point of surgery which gravitated to my ear on the same side. I believed it to be infection setting in. That night I took half a cotton ball and soaked up half a teaspoon of coconut oil into it and added one drop of wild oregano oil. I put this between my gum and cheek and slept with it in my mouth over night. The pain was gone in the morning. I did it a second night for good measure and took a couple drops of oregano oil internally twice a day for two days. Worked like a charm.

  • Please tell me how to take oil orally besides mixing with olive oil. I need to treat candida. Thx

  • The taste of oil oregano is strong please tell me other ways to take it. Txs.

  • I too doxycycline per dr I one time a day on 6th day had a rash and hot burning in my era took children’s dye free benadryll was sick 3 wks prior to taking got better but now can’t not sure if I have bacterial dr thought I will do oreginal p73 again what dose any suggestions?

  • A friend had a sinus infection so bad that sneezes smelled bad. He read about oregano oil and tried it. After a couple of days he began sneezing a lot and blowing his nose – having lots of mucous. His sneezes stopped smelling bad and he said he finally was able to sleep well because he could breathe better. He was amazed so I went out and bought a bottle. I have told everyone his story. I take it every day as a preventative measure.

  • Karen D.

    I put 4 drops of oregano oil in 1/2 cup of boiled water and 1-2 teaspoons of honey, stir well. Drink it while it’s hot. I do this 4 times a day when I have a cold and it clears it up quickly.

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