How to Find a Good Doctor: Integrative Medicine Doctors Are Best

Where are the good doctors near me? This is a challenging but critical need for all of us. And, finding a more holistic or integrative medicine doctor near your home is even more difficult.

Finding a good doctor near your home can be a daunting task – especially if you are looking for a physician who will support your own “natural medicine” beliefs of limited pharmaceuticals, treating the root cause, and using nutrition and other natural therapies as the first line of attack on any existing medical conditions. The type physician you are looking for must be eminently qualified from a medical training perspective, but they will be able to combine the best therapies of conventional medicine with the best available holistic, natural medicine therapies. This type doctor actually does exist! In the natural health world this type doctor is called an “Integrative Physician”. They integrate natural and conventional medicine modalities to give you the best therapeutic options that have the most promise for healing the true underlying cause of the disease or condition with the fewest side effects possible. They often simply enable the marvelous innate ability of our body to heal itself by giving the body the raw materials its needs. And that doctor will become a critically important partner of yours in your lifelong journey of vibrant health. 

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Integrative Medicine Doctors with various specialties – just what you are looking for.

University Health News turned to the International College of Integrative Medicine to help you find a practitioner near you. See this link if your needs fit any of the descriptions below.

  • I am looking for an MD in my area who supports integrative medicine protocols
  • I am looking for a holistic dentist in my area who can safely remove these mercury filled amalgams
  • I am looking for a nutritionist in my area to work with diet issues of my children who have special behavioral problems in school
  • I am looking for an acupuncturist who can give treatments for my severe headaches
  • I am looking for an ozone therapy doctor who can treat my chronic back pain

Each of these type doctors can be found through the doctor search features of the Doctor Directory! And many other types of natural healing therapies and the doctors who practice them are listed in the Doctor Directory of the International College of Integrative Medicine (ICIM).

Try out the ICIMed Doctor search features now

Go ahead right now and take a test drive of the doctor search features in the ICIMed Doctor Directory. Check out the various specialty therapies in the drop down menu under “Select an Additional Practice Specialty”. Are you looking for a doctor who specifically specializes in:

  • Asthma treatments
  • Autism
  • Bioidentical Hormone Therapy
  • Digestive Disorders
  • Menopause/Perimenopause
  • Sexual/Relationship Education

These skilled and gifted professionals are often licensed to practice their therapies after hours of training and experience. They can offer wonderful therapies if you become familiar with what they do.

Originally published in 2013, this blog has been updated.

  • Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! This is great! I’m going to tell all my friends and family about this.

  • But will insurance companies cover these doctors and/or do these doctors accept insurance?

  • Andy M.

    I come from a nature-oriented medicine of the type of India, Germany, France, or the amazon jungle at that. I am looking for a physician with that orientation.

  • aurelia p.

    I am looking for an integrative doctor, as I read about my condition, or and pain, it looks that my gallbladder bugs me. Thanks.

  • Looking for md for my mom with cardiac and neurological experience

  • Christine P.

    I am looking for an integrative doctor who treats autoimmune diseases. Someone who specializes in getting the body to stop attacking itself. Not just with diet. Please help. Thanks

  • Patty R.

    Need integrative doctor for my husband. Joint pain, headache, depression, sedentary, no exercise, poor nutrition.

  • Looking to get off blood pressure meds.I have afib and take meds for that. Annular elastic giant cell Granuloma has given me a rash for the past 18 months.

  • Take meds for blood pressure and afib. Also have Annular elastic giant cell Granuloma ?

  • Deborah V.

    I have a increased risk of Hyperhomocysteinemia due to two MTHFR mutations. (Homozygous). I need a doctor close or in Waco, Texas.

  • Deborah V.

    Two MTHFR C677T mutations { Homozygous) I need a doctor in are around Waco, Texas.

  • Deborah P.

    If anyone knows of a good doctor of this persuasion – and will take Medicare and Medicaid – I am interested in learning where to locate one in the four state area of Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma and Arkansas.

  • Jill K.

    I am 69 yr.old women. I have Fibromalagea , from 5 bulging disk for years of pain.
    I am on a drug Lyrica , I have gain so much weight, my fingers and feet have enlarge in size.
    I have no pain but I am so tired I feel like I can hardly go. I feel like if I could just rest, but rest doesn’t make me feel better. My dr. Pats me on the back and says we are just getting older. I feel I am a young 69 and I like to be busy. Help me.

  • Carmelo A.

    I have acid reflux disease I am looking for a integrative doctor in the Bergen county or hudson county in nj …please help…..

  • Blossom T.

    I am looking for an integrative doctor in Denistone/ West Ryde NSW area for a 61 year old male who has been on Risperdal and Nexium for 33 years (believe it or not). He now has ALL the side effects from nose bleeds to bulging eyes, inflamed red eyes and congested chest to thrush in his mouth; deformed mouth, sweating, etc. etc. His GP now gives him more meds to treat all the side effects. According to the GP there is no medication except Risperdal to treat his bad behavior and how can anyone believe he has stomach problems for 33 years. Please, please, please tell me there is someone in this area? Thanks. Please copy your reply to

  • Michelle P.

    I am looking for a provider who uses food and natural modalities to treat my pain and medical issues. we have great insurance that pays for most treatments. I live in the longview /kelso area of Washington.

  • Hiv what holistic approach can you do i want to get of the meds

  • I am looking for an integrative MD in my area, San Jose, that will take Medicare.

  • Please find me an integrative doctor in the San Jose bay area that accepts Medicare.


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